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Great exterior decoration tips
[ Lighting and Accents ]



The furniture is the foundation of your patio but to add to it more character it is advisable to install some lights. There are lots of light types you can choose from: freestanding lamps, shaded and globe lamps, BBQ lights, ground lights etc. The only limit is your imagination. Lights may create any desirable atmosphere: formal, homely, intimate, ornamental. By changing the lighting you change the whole impression of the patio. So choose what you want today, a friend party, a romantic date or an official reception and look for the suitable elements in stores.


Every detail is of vital importance in your patio. But if there are no accents your yard is only an impersonal collection of furniture, light and flowers. Below are the perfect accents that will add spirit to any patio:

  • Sundials: Many thousand years ago people were mesmerized by the flow of time and could spend hours observing the falling sand grains in sandglass. The same delight was brought to people by watching the shade moving round a sundial. After the invention of hand watch sundial has become a nice unique home decor element for outdoor spaces. It adds antique touch to the atmosphere of the garden and can be made so that it’s a birdbath too. Sundials are sold in different designs such as tabletop and pedestal, and can be a great accent for any garden.
  • Decorative Planters: this accent can become very inexpensive if instead of a bought flower planter you use an old container, an old watering can of a pickle barrel. The only thing they need is some form of drainage. You may change the flowers depending on the season and change their location. Whatever you do decorative planters will play their role being a charming focal point of the garden.
  • Garden Sculptures: The most popular topics of statuary are saints, rabbits, dogs, frogs, saints and cherubs. They are mostly made of stone, wood, resin, marble and bronze. Statues will develop the idea of your patio as they embody the heroes of the surrounding. A charming dwarf standing under a bush will make your patio even more fairy-tale and a deer will bring wild nature into the garden. You may either hide a statue under bushes or near trees or place it to the fore.
  • Garden Fountains: It’s so relaxing to listen to the murmur of stream that brings us back to the wood. Maybe that’s the reason for the fountains to be such a desirable and popular décor element. It may be just a modest garden fountain kit or a true ground fountain made of stone or bronze. No matter what you choose the impression a falling water produces is always captivating.
  • Garden Benches: A rustic bench placed in the shade of trees always looks welcome and friendly. It doesn’t need to be sophisticatedly decorated, a simple wooden bench will add homely atmosphere to your patio.

No matter what elements you use and how you place the furniture and lighting you should like it and feel relaxed in this atmosphere. In this case your patio will always be a part of your personality.


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Modern Home Furnishing

Being a designer is always a great fun. Besides hard work it’s always pleasant to observe what you’ve done with your own hands. You’ve already decorated your house or been inspired by the work of your interior professional designer? Than you have a chance to create a new look of your yard. A yard today is not anymore the place of randomly planted flowers. Nowadays many yards have been converted into real works of art, attracting attention and awaking delight. Think of your yard as one more room where you can implement all your dreams. It can become a multifunctional place: a living room, a study and a kitchen in one. The yard, or let’s better call it a patio, will reflect your character and style. Maybe you prefer luxury and antique or modern and posh but the main requirement is to limit the amount of décor elements as the overwhelming amount of them may ruin the whole atmosphere. So, what to start with?


Draw a layout of your patio and create a number of plans including main furniture items. Those are benches, tables, chairs, grilling station, a work station if you prefer to work outdoors. You need a few plans in order to have something to choose from. Besides, a good layout will help you to position all the furniture you need so that after the final look at the plan you say “That’s what I wanted. Everything is on the right place”.

The only important remark is that your furniture is made of water-proof materials that can weather high humidity and direct sun rays. The materials can be various: from wrought iron to cedar, wicker, modern rustic decor and teak. But looking for practicality don’t forget about comfort and style. In most cases your patio is the place for rest where the whole family is to spend lots of pleasant hours. Designer patio furniture will be of great help but in order to find the things you like and that will suit your idea you need lots of patience as not everything can be easily found.