What Our Site Is About

Our site was created to make shopping for cheap water pipes easy for the average stoner. We all know how damn expensive most pipes sites can be.so we sell the most quality made glass for reasonable prices. Feel free to navigate through our site with ease.We offer everything from bongs,water pipes,dry pipes,grinders and even rolling papers. We have been working on making the best possible website for our visitors for over 2 years now! Updating our site is something we do on a daily basis to ensure that our content has quality and is always up to date with the times.

Love Dabs?

So Do We, that’s why we sell quality but cheap water pipes specifically designed for concentrates.We Also Have Custom Made Dab Nails Glass And Metal For All Your Dab Needs! If you love concentrates as much as we do (which is a lot) then you will love our selection of concentrate water bongs and pipes.We update it every day to keep in stock as much as possible because everything is going so fast,but we promise there is something in our inventory for you!


Where are we founded?

We are located in Portland Oregon,We have all lived here our entire lives me and my team.Our whole adult lives we have always wanted to start selling glass for a living.Just recently have we started to make our dreams become reality.So we opened a shop up and made a website and have never looked back since.