Home Insulation

Buying an older house is a great pleasure for those who are keen on do-it-yourself jobs. There are some serious things you have to consider after you’ve bought an older house. The most important of them is thought to be insulation. Most older houses have inadequate insulation that results in inconvenience for the inhabitants and in higher bills.

A common fallacy is that the cold comes through the gaps in doors and windows. Actually, a fallacy is a too strong word for this as these gaps partially result in the loss of warmth. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg and not difficult to deal with. You can seal your doors and windows with the help of caulking or weather strips, but this method is suitable only in case you consider drafts come from these gaps. Besides, it’s not expensive at all.

Not only can the gaps in the windows but the windows themselves pass cold air. Unless your windows are double-glazed the pane of glass passes cold air. If you can’t afford installing double-glazed windows at the moment you can always go to your local builders’ yard or hardware store and buy inexpensive but very effective ‘cling film’ packs for double-glazing your windows. If you install it either outside or inside at least on your north, west and east windows, you’ll definitely feel a huge difference in your bills. If you save the money that comprises the difference in your bills, within three years you can double-glaze your windows. The easiest thing to remember about is natural energy and if you have a chance to plan the model of your house, chooses to place the windows on the southern side of the house. In order to prevent the room from getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter create a small overhang (24 inches is ample).

When everything is clear with the windows we move on to doors. You can seal them as it has been mentioned before or install an extra door, known as a storm door, in front of your front door. It prevents drafts and cold from getting into the house, saves the warmth of your home as well as your money.