Wooden Window Boxes

Wooden Window Boxes

It’s hard to find a city dweller who doesn’t want to escape from the noise of a busy city into a countryside with its fresh air and calmness. Not everyone knows that, but it is possible to bring a country right to your window. A few wooden planter boxes will make every morning a bouquet of flower and herb smells. Everything depends on your preferences: if you enjoy preparing a substantial family breakfast or pizza, plant your favorite herbs to have them always fresh at hand; for big flower admirers there is always an opportunity to plant any flowers you want.

No matter whether you prefer a particular flower type or you’d like to have a combination of different flowers in your window planter box, be particular about the glowing conditions of the flowers and the available amount of light at your place. No matter what the conditions are, make sure your window planter box is always full of marvelous variety of color and fragrance, hedged with love and care. What is more you can change flower types from year to year and make it so that due to the difference in blossoming period of the flowers you may have a blossoming mini garden almost all year long.

Besides the lighting conditions and the variety of plant types it is essential to take into consideration the material planter box is made of. There are lots of window planter boxes of different styles and of various materials: metal fiberglass, plastic. Still, nothing can be better for your plants than a traditional wooden planter box. The best wood for planter boxes is considered to be teak, the strongest wood type. It can not only stand all weather attacks but remain in the same perfect condition for many years with almost no maintenance.

Teak wood has originally come from Indonesia, where it was used in ship building industry. Due to its high oil content providing good water resistance, teak wood is considered to be ideal for ships. Since then this quality of teak wood has been used not only in ship building but also in furniture production. Outdoor furniture can leave through more than 50 summers and winters without lots of care. The original color of teak is golden and in case you want to preserve it use teak protector, otherwise it will change to silver gray under weather influence.

No matter whether you window planter box is made of teak or any other wood type it is recommended to take some care of it. Besides covering it with wood protector you may decorate it with something you like, for example bright sparkling décor elements that will attract even more attention to your window.

Wooden planter box can become a perfect gift for your relatives and friends. They, as well as you, can enjoy the wonderful benefits of it. They will get fresh herbs and fabulous flowers while you may receive their secret sauce recipes and warmer welcome as a sign of gratefulness. Planter boxes are produced in different sizes what guarantees a perfect result with every purchase.